Effective education is a function of environment, initiatives, teachers and student participation.  Intermountain Design can help maximize the effectiveness of the teaching environment with the use of efficient and effective desks, seating and supporting furnishings.

All Levels of Education

Intermountain Design has a large number of suppliers that can provide desks, storage, lockers, chairs, cafeteria, office, administrative, common area and even patio furniture for all education environments.  We can outfit preschools, elementary schools, middles schools, high schools, charter schools, private schools, colleges and universities.

Beyond The Classroom

From simple preschool tables and desks to elaborate university technology auditoriums, we have the classroom furniture to maximize space within budget and with government contracts.  Beyond the classroom, we can provide lab furniture, lockers, indoor and outdoor bleachers, music room risers, stages and industrial storage solutions for labs and workshops as well as administration needs.  Intermountain Design has the large base of suppliers for office furniture of all types, including fire proof filing.

Learn More About Our Education Products

To find out how we can maximize your schools space use in style and with durable furniture solutions, contact our sales team for a free consultation and quote.