Government agencies often have the same interior needs and other requirements as private sector including efficient use of office space, flexibility, establishing collaborative environments and design styles consideration but with the added requirement of using suppliers with government contracts.

Government Offices

Intermountain Design has 40 of years experience furnishing offices throughout the Northwestern United States.  Our experience and staff know how to utilize space effectively and in style.  Our manufactures have sustainability initiatives and practices in place to protect the environment and meet industry standards for green manufacturing and recycling.

Judicial, Civic and Law Enforcement

We don’t just furnish offices.  Our extensive furniture lines include furnishing for courtrooms, civic meeting rooms, auditoriums as well as public spaces such as transportation terminals and outdoor public area seating and tables .  Additionally, we supply complete industrial furnishing solutions suitable for law enforcement.


Education furnishings range from classroom seating to auditoriums, labs, lockers, cafeterias, library, office areas, gymnasium and common areas.  Our education offerings can meet the need of any education facility from preschool through University level.

Experienced Government Contract Furniture Suppliers

Intermountain Design has a large number of GSA, Idaho State, KCDA and TCPN contract suppliers.   A sample of our suppliers is listed on the right of this page.  However, if the supplier you are interested in does not appear here, contact our sales team and we will help you find the best solution for your government contract project.