Healthcare continues to be a growing field and Intermountain Design has furniture solutions for hospitals, long term car facilities, doctor offices and administrative functions.   We have a large number of suppliers on who service healthcare contracts with stylish and functional products which meet a wide variety of needs.

Keep It Clean

An obvious requirement for patient area furnishings is cleanliness and our manufactures have creative and proven solutions to meet these requirements including antibicrobial fabric and surfaces, clean-outs and materials that accommodate sterile environments.  Today’s healthcare furniture is easier than ever to keep sterile and clean while being stylish and long lasting.

From Patient Rooms to Cafeteria

We have suppliers for furnishings in all areas of health care.  From administrative offices and public spaces like cafeterias, to patient rooms, exam rooms, lobbies, long term care facilities, bariatric, waiting rooms and labs, we have proven suppliers and furniture solutions to meet the design and functionality demands of today’s healthcare institutions.   Intermountain Design participates in many healthcare buying cooperative contracts.

Healthcare Technology Solutions Too

In addition to furnishings, we can provide a full array of technology mounting solutions such as wall mounted computer station mounts, monitor arms, laptop and portable computer carts.  Plus,  AAtronics, our sister company, provides a full array of nurse call and hospital asset management solutions.  To find out more about our healthcare furniture or technology solutions, contact our sales team.