Intermountain Design has a large array of furnishings and fixtures to supply the hospitality industry.  From restaurants and bars, to hotels, conference centers and amusement businesses, we can furnish your facility or site in the exact style you desire.

Restaurants, Bars and Clubs

Environment and design matter when attracting and retaining clients in the restaurant business.  From contemporary to classic, our furniture suppliers can provide complete furnishing for your establishments   Chairs, tables, booths, lounge, stools, bistro, lobby and even patio furnishings.  Plus, we have pre approved suppliers and furniture lines for many national restaurant franchises.

Hotels and Conference Centers

Hotels and conference centers continue to provide increasing service for business as well as social meeting spaces.  We have a huge selection of conference tables, chairs and supporting furniture and technology solutions to meet conference or training room requirements for any sized group.  With today’s folding, stacking and nesting table and chairs, it is even easier to have flex space that can serve multiple purposes.  Contact our sales team to find out what solutions we have to maximize your hotel or conference public spaces.

Amusement and Entertainment Complexes

From arcades and bowling centers to theaters and arenas, we have furniture suppliers who can provide complete stock or custom seating, dining, lounging or flexible space use solutions.  The options are nearly endless so you can have an environment that fully reflects the message, brand or mood you want to create.

Hospitality Done Right

Intermountain Design is the Northwest premier furnishing solution supplier.  We do hospitality outfitting right.  Contact us to find out how we can furnish your next project with style and success.