Intermountain Design cares about the environment and our partnerships with leading environmentally conscious suppliers demonstrates our commitment.

Our key suppliers, Kimball Office, Hon, Chromecraft and Via Seating all design and manufacture environmentally-friendly furnishings by creatively and consistently using regimented design processes, supply chain management focused on FSC and LEED certifications, lean manufacturing and use of recycled and recyclable materials and packaging.

While each manufacture focuses on specific sustainability practices, they all focus on common objectives such as:

  • Maintenance of indoor air quality
  • Use of FSC Certified wood products
  • Adherence to LEED guidelines and qualification.
  • Use of Soy Foam
  • Use of recyclable and recycled materials.
  • Quality built to last with less frequent need for replacement.
  • Use of water based, non-volatile paints, coatings and glues.

Please visit our manufactures links to read more about their individual efforts or contact our sales team to discuss how our manufactures are working to make more sustainable and environmentally friendly products.